Asano Tadanobu (Genghis Khan)


In cinema as in life, in life as in cinema

This is the excerpt from my article for "Russian Koreans" monthly (in Russian).

In a remainder I quote words of CDH from the interview and talk about his bio.

Korean Martial Arts Director Participates in Russian Movie

At the end of the last year Bodrov Sr. (Russian Director) and film company STV started to shoot an epic saga "Mongol" about the youth of Genghis Khan. Shootings will take place in Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia. A film troop is international. Starring Tadanobu Asano (Japan). Producers are from Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Germany; martial arts director is Jung Doo-hong from South Korea...


In the rough and realistic style of Jung Doo-hong even the flying fights look like a real fight, requiring the heroes' utmost effort, unlike the Chinese day-dreams where the fighters are waving on the tree branches like birds. In his action productions you won't see the people's heads smashing the concrete walls - and after that the people feel rather offended than hurt. Whereas Hongkong likes to emphasize fantastic abilities of their personages, Jung Doo-hong usually approximates his fights to reality, and the spectacular stunts show the human unique mastership rather than mysticism. "I made the kind of action that was most comfortable to shoot, the kind of movements I would make if I was in that situation, stressing the essential", - tells he on the DVD about the shootings of "Bitter-sweet life".

Jung Doo-hong does not hide dirt and pain but he doesn't revels in the fights' atrocity either. Fight for him is the possibility to reveal and protect what is sacred and dear. "From now, don't risk your life on shootings. Live as desperately as you can.. Just like you have learned in stunt.." - says his hero-stunt director to the sick youth (drama "Ruler of Your Own World").


The path of one of the most talented stunt director was straight and fast.


However small is the actor's role of Jung Doo-hong in the movie, he would not only show his hero the brilliant warrior, but also make the deep and memorable image, makes a penetrating note in the plot. At the same time he reiterates: "I'm not an actor, I'm a stuntman ". Indeed, the actor depicts the image which he is not. But this experienced and strong fighter whose profession resembles the occupation of his heroes - is that very man whom you can make movies about.



Mrs. Kseniya Hmelnickaya.

"Russian Koreans" monthly .

2006 January.