Jung Doo-Hong and Lee Hoon



Jung Doo Hong was born in a small village in Chilsan-ri, Imcheon-myeon, Buyeo-gun, South Chungcheong Province.

All sites named the to as the birth date Dec. 14, 1966. Recently I understand the use of a lunar calendar, and for some reason doubts about the correctness of that date.

Apparently it is the lunar calendar. If that's the case the real date of birth of Kamdoknim is January 24, 1967 (Solar Calendar).

Since the early childhood he dreamed to escape and learn martial arts.

"In stark contrast to his image now, he was unusually introspective in personality until he entered high school. He had no interest in sports, and felt shy when he tried to perform something in front of girls. He was also small in size. But one incident changed his life dramatically: a private Taekwondo institute opened near his school.

He had always kept in his memory impressive and beautiful scenes from a Children's Taekwondo King Competition that he had watched on TV as a child. He soon became deeply engrossed in taekwondo, and would practice taekwondo at the institute everyday, rain or shine. He was able to do so in part because of his deep tenacity, which makes him to try his best at whatever he does until he completely masters it.

Because he was so poor, he could not even afford to pay his training fees. But the master of the institute, Lee Gak-soo, taught him taekwondo for free because he recognized Chung's faithfulness and talent in the traditional Korean martial art. This is how he entered the world of sports, which ended up becoming his lifetime career. " Chung Doo-hong, best martial arts movie director in Korea

He entered fighting arts department of Inchon's Junior College of physical culture as an athletic student. He was also selected as a member of a performing team that promoted taekwondo and Korean culture around the world, and spent much of his college years in United States, Mexico, and Japan. Became a champion in the art of Taekwondo. Now he has 4 dan in taekwondo, 5 dan in hapkido, boxing, judo, kyeokhthugi etc.

"He served as a martial art trainer of a frontline elite unit during his compulsory military service, before briefly serving as a bodyguard for a parliamentarian after his discharge from the military.

One day, a friend on his bodyguard team who had worked as a stuntman recommended Chung become a stuntman. But this rosy dream soon faced a harsh reality. " Chung Doo-hong, best martial arts movie director in Korea

"I thought it was very cool to wear a formal hat and throw blows at the enemy and rescue women. But when I first debuted [as a stuntman], it was during the days when stuntmen were treated as less than human." However, he said, times have changed and he is glad that young prospective actors at the Seoul Action School, where he teaches martial arts, now seem to be proud to get into the action genre. Film noir showcases duo's martial arts skills

"By 1990, the compensation and benefits stuntmen received were meager at best. Worse, he failed to get a role in a movie for which he had signed on to perform stunts. As a result, he would use his muscles and physical strength only to carry heavy equipment for his stunt acting team. Deeply disappointed, he stopped performing stunt work and began exercising alone. It was at that time that he went to Boramae Park in southern Seoul, a place which he continues to use as his home base. He would go to Boraemae Park every day, exercise there to improve his physical strength, and work on various martial arts at a nearby training center from 11 p.m. until dawn. Later, he moved to a hilly village in Boncheong-dong, which is closer to the park, and would climb up the hill repeatedly to intensify his exercises.

He continued to exercise for three months there, and eventually found a role substituting Kim Dong-hee's character played by actor Lee Il-jae in "the General's Son," [1990-1991] a hit movie produced by director Lim Kwon-taek. He successfully performed his role in the work, capitalizing on the tireless efforts and suffering he had endured during the three-month period at Boramae Park, and deeply impressed producers and staff while shooting the movie." Chung Doo-hong, best martial arts movie director in Korea

At 25 he was the youngest action and martial arts director in Korean history. Aside from working behind the scenes as a choreographer, Mr.Jung does the occasional acting job.

"Still, Chung thinks stuntmen are not being compensated adequately even these days, although he says their working conditions have improved quite a bit. This is part of the reason he has been running "Seoul Action School" at a gymnasium in Boramae Park since 1998. He established the facility jointly with four of his younger colleagues with the aim of producing martial art directors and stuntmen. Now the school boasts 25 key members, and recruits new members every six months and offers them free martial art training.. "I want to serve as a director because I believe I will perform better as a stuntman if I am good at directing and acting for movies and dramas," Chung said." Chung Doo-hong, best martial arts movie director in Korea

In 2004 Jung Doo-hong participated in the project:

"Among the world's largest, busiest and most crowded cities with more than ten million inhabitants, Seoul is still a place where people can easily access nature - hills, mountains and rivers - from every corner of the city. Mountains surround Seoul like a traditional folding screen, or Byeongpung, making the people feel cozy inside, and at the very center stands Namsan (Mt.), considered the monument of the city for centuries.
..Recently city government of Seoul started the project of restoration of a stream Cheongyecheon on mountain Namsan
..In an effort to get more attention and support for the project from the citizens of Seoul, a group is holding a fund-raising event every Wednesday, for people to take an hour running, jogging or walking on Namsan. The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, a city-funded organization that arranges different cultural events around the city, is the host of the Wednesday event. Many people, including marathon lovers, TV stars and other citizens, are taking part in the 7-kilometer run.
" The money will be spent on decorating the bank and its surroundings. Trees, flowers and sculptures by famous artists will be purchased with the fund, " said organization official Lee Ho-joon. The names of donors will be also displayed on the Web site for the 22 bridges of Cheongyecheon.
..Many celebrities have been involved to support the Cheongyecheon restoration project. Actors Lee Hoon and Jung Doo-hong have been the most consistent participants, and the head of the organization."

Lately Jung Doo-Hong tried out boxing. On July 29 2005 he made his debut as a pro-boxer in the Welterweight division (Jinan, Chonbuk Province). If I correctly understood, he won there (but, probably he won at other competitions... see his interview). Videos

Jung Doo-Hong recently opened a fitness center with TV Host Lee Hoon, who also turned pro-boxer, called "Double H." Telephone of the fitness center: (02)515-4030 (Source in Korean)

Mr. Jung got many injurys for these years, but his surprising volitional power and passion enable to us enjoy his new works.

2006 The City of Violence. Mr. Jung starring!

Mr.Jung: "I thought this was my last chance [to appear in an action movie] as well. So I wanted to show everything I had... But who knows [what viewers will think]." Film noir showcases duo's martial arts skills

Mr.Jung and Mr. Ryu (director) have been cooperating for a long time.
They are friends. "It was in the offices of the Seoul Action School that this crazy project took form.

The problem was the money, as it's always the case... Investors are hard to please, and a film with 'only' Ryu Seung-Wan and Jung Doo-Hong wasn't going to sell too well.

Ryu Seung-Wan: There were a lot of difficulties involved... Since we were shooting with a low budget, many things that are usually taken care of via CG, like falling from the second floor, or hanging from high places while someone grabs your hair... that's just things we did ourselves, why, do you think we had money for CG?

When we first started The City of Violence, our motto was something along the lines of 'we'll wreck our entire bodies to show you the best stunts in Korea'. But then as we started shooting, it turned into 'after all, storytelling is the important thing in films' (laughs).

Jung Doo-Hong: "I think the fact I've been able to show my best in this film after all those years of acting makes me sad in a way, but I think this experience will help me greatly in the future. I'm quite satisfied in the film, to be honest, and I'd like to give Ryu Seung-Wan 100 points: of course I don't know much about acting so I can't judge that, but as for action is concerned he was great. You won't see too many actors in Korea able to do action scenes like those. In the future I'll try to teach systematically some young actors the fundamentals of action films, to improve the genre in Korea. My dream is to one day walk in a video-shop in a foreign country and see a corner for Korean action films, so that's what we'll try to achieve in the next few years." (PRESS SCREENING The City of Violence)