Korean Martial Arts Director, Actor, Stuntman

Now when Korean cinema got world popularity it is queer and vexing that we seldom can to hear the name of the person, whose contribution to creation of unique Korean style cannot be belittled. And it concerns not only to the West, but also to the Korea so proud of success of films. I mean the creator of "Koreanized" action, the modern Korean style of action and fight choreography, the person doing action in dreadful quantity of films for last 15 years - Jung Doo-hong(*)

However today a situation, seems, beginnings to vary. The dream of Mr. Jung come true - at last he was shot in a leaging role. May, 25, 2006 "The City of violence" film left at Korean screens (the Korean name of film sounds inoffensively: Jjakpae, Friends). Film without participation of movie stars did not involve producers. But when despite lacking money Jjakpae all the same was shot, about it talks instantly begun. After all instead of usual actors people really fighting arts and film-stunts owning were shot. All miracles of action there are made practically "alive", without doublers and without the slightest participation computer.

Korean directors who have no special sympathy of actor's game of Jung Doo-hong, seen City of violence, were compelled to recognize that the role of Tae-Su was professionally played by Mr. Jung.

From other children of Mr. Jung are most known Musa, Taegukgi, Natural City, Tube, Swiri, Champion, Silmido, A Bittersweet Life...

The Jung Doo-hong's style is distinguished for roughness and realism. It hides neither a pain, nor a filth, but also doesn't praises them. Fights in his films occupy exactly so much place as it is necessary for a subject, not winning over an attention. They emphasize position of heroes, help to uncover the characters... And simultaneously this austere minimalism opens internal beauty of fighting art for a spectator.

As it was saw Jung Doo-hong is a fine actor and how his previous roles were little, he had time shows to a spectator perfected combat technique and excellent actor's game. We can see him as Malicious Master in Arahan, who is similar to a panther, sensitive and severe, as Cyper in Natural City, who is impenetrable and scornful, as teacher Beom-su in Baramui Fighter, who is wise and wistful...

This site was created to fill lack of an information about this unusual most talented person, and from intimate desire to express my gratitude.

Not long ago I could do it more traditional: I had a help in registration in Korean cafe which is visited by Mr. Jung. In life he be found amazingly kind person, to his fans concerning with gentle care. Unfortunately my Korean yet does not allow me to communicate well. Nevertheless if you similar me want to tell something to Mr.Jung you can leave your message in the Forum and I'll try to translate and transfer your words.

And at last I want to thank Mr. Park Myoung Woo, participants of Soompi-forum and my friends Kang SungKyun for backing and granting the information for the site.


Other variants: Jeong or Chung Doo Hong; Du-hong and Do-hong (preferred name is JUNG DOO HONG).


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