My name is Ksenya Khmelnitskaya, I was born in 1975. I am a writer and an Orthodox Christian. I live in Moscow, Russia.

Till a while ago I was rather indifferent to the art of cinema as I preferred books. And I had never been a fan of any actor or singer... But in 2003 I watched the "Musa" movie and it struck me deep in the heart. I began to search for another Asian movies and soon I became a real fan of Korean cinema (the Russian version of my "Musa" site contains my numerous reviews). I became interested in Korea and even started to attend Korean language courses (you can check my achievements here)...

Meanwhile, I finally dared to go in for martial arts (I dreamed about it since my childhood, but my mum didn't allow me to:))

As a result, I got acquainted with Mr.Jung Doo Hong's talent and this site became fruit of the above interest. Presently I am writing a degree work and a book about him.

I admire Jung Doo Hong's acting, I love movies with him as a director. He is my idol in a world of martial arts. If I were a boy, I would say that I want to be his alike. But I realize that it is impossible for a woman :)

In January, 2007 I went to Korea and got acquainted with this astonishing man personally.. (pic!)

I search for any information about Jung Doo Hong and I would be happy to communicate with his other fans.

My contact information:

ICQ: 315885742